INDUS VALLEY SCHOOL is “A School That Cares”.

It is a place of learning and fun where personal attention, emphasis on good habits, etiquettes, mannerisms, culture, ethics and morality are not taught but engrained in the hearts and minds of our students through experiential learning. INDUS VALLEY SCHOOL with colorful, attractive and well designed environs is  a child’s dream being converted into a reality. Our Primary Years Curriculum provides specially designed, rich learning material which embraces creative activities such as Reading, Painting, Story Telling, Games, Paper Tearing, Folding and Pasting etc.
The use of modern audio – visual aids build interest and make learning easy.
Filtered / R.O. water is served in the school.


At INDUS VALLEY School, we recognize the imperative of imparting an educational experience that is world-class in every aspect and which prepares children for global citizenship. We are a school with an Indian mind, an Indian heart and an Indian soul; a school that celebrates the culture of excellence and is an embodiment of values. We aim to rule the hearts and minds of our young patrons by being successful in living up to the expectations of the parents.


The School’s mission is to provide a learning environment that encourages children to bring out the best in themselves and enable their all-round development through the process of learning, enduring values and the celebration of diversity. Also to develop an exciting and caring learning environment which inspires students and teachers to observe, reflect, analyze and question.
Our Teacher is a Parents to our students. Firstly, our Teacher is a Friend and Companion to our students. Secondly, he is a guide and thirdly, he gets into the mound and make up of a Teacher.

INDUS VALLEY SCHOOL Innovative Teaching

Our creative teaching method neither imposes upon the child nor does it abandon him in total free play. It provides a carefully planned and structured environment which promotes learning in the natural way. Our child centrist approach not only simplifies concepts, but also meets the various needs of the growing and extremely curious children like Refinement of senses, Language development, Development of concepts, Cognitive skill development, Social development, Personality development, Creative arts and music and many more.

INDUS Smart Class Room

The classrooms are equipped with SMART Boards. These contain Smart LED panels and CCTV Cameras are also installed.

INDUS: Library

The school has excellent library facilities with volumes of books, comprising prescribed texts, several newspapers which include daily editions as well as student editions, national and international magazines. The school has various festivals, displays and activities organized from time to time to promote reading. These include reading hour sessions, literary events, quizzes and many more.

INDUS:Computer Lab

Cybernetics and Information Technology have made inroads into academic programmes. We have gone headlong into becoming an IT-savvy school offering Computer Science, Information Technology in a Global Society and other computer courses as prescribed by the curricula on offer in our school. Students have unlimited access to computers. Our teaching laboratories are equipped with computers.

INDUS Laboratories:

Three spacious separate labs for Physics, Chemistry and Biology are used to infuse a spirit of learning and inquiry in the minds students. The experiments conducted in the labs helps the student understand the complex concepts better

INDUS Sports & Co-Curricular Activities:

To cater to the social, physical and emotional growth of every child under our care, the school offers two big playgrounds; separate for junior and senior wing.

INDUS: Extracurricular Activities and their Importance

Extracurricular activities are performed by students with their interest and not for getting grades in exams. Students in our school are free to perform activities such as dancing, performing arts such as drama, music related activities and various quiz competitions.
So, INDUS VALLEY  SCHOOL is a place where “Fun Begins but doesn’t End!’’
Our children learn through singing, listening stories, dramatics/ plays, group projects, and outdoor games etc. These activities provide opportunities for creativity, and lead to development of physical co-ordination, emotional maturity and social skills.
A Child learns the most through fun and learning by which their minds are sharpened and energy is channelized. Besides this, a climate of creativity is maintained throughout the year. Activities like painting, rhyming, singing, fancy dress, declamation, art and craft competition, skating , judo competition, volleyball competition etc. are being organized in the school at regular intervals.

INDUS VALLEY SCHOOL skills development:

Develop the basic skills of communication: listening and speaking, reading and writing. Develop the basic skills of computation. Develop skills to perceive sensitively, examine critically, think logically.
INDUS: Best Faculty available.
Better resources for learning
Focus on overall development
Competitive and comfortable environment
Focus on security of students.